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Art in the Game

May 19, 2020

On Episode 64 we discuss the Governor's 4 phase plan to reopen the Baystate and when the state's 3 casino licenses will be clear to game.  We check in on the AITGVP Challenge and I share some exciting news about a possible upcoming competition with some of our old MGM friends.  I also dig into what casino gaming may look like for the reopening and how to prepare make the most out of your gambling comeback.  Let's get into the Game! see all the photos and play video poker on the website:

Get in on the fun with our Art in The Game Video Poker Challenge.  Sign up through our AITG member's link and receive 2 weeks of Gold membership FREE! When you do send me your VP nickname and I will add you to the invite list to our AITG VP Challenges.  Prizes sponsored by The Massachusetts Sate Lottery.  I encourage all my listeners and members to go "Pro" with a Pro membership today.

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